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About Us


Halfway Home Animal Rescue is a small rescue organisation and registered charity. We save orphaned animals from death row and through our foster care program we provide safe, temporary homes while loving permanent homes are found. We also provide all required medical treatment and other special care.

With qualified dog trainers on our board, we are able to assess the needs of each dog correctly and find the most suitable home. We also specialise in animals with special needs,  behavioural issues, and elderly animals as well as nursing many through palliative care.

We want anyone who is thinking of bringing a dog, cat or any type of sentient being into their lives to stop and think about the needs of that animal. If there is any doubt that you will not be able to commit for the entirety of the animal's life, then you should not bring them into your life. 

People should be shocked by the number of dogs and cats killed in pounds and shelters every year but people should remember that animals only die in pounds and shelters because people put them there!

Help us stop the cycle. Help us Save Lives.

Our Mission


To save as many animals from needless death as we can, while actively promoting no-kill philosophies. We believe every animal deserves a happy life free of suffering, neglect and abuse. We do whatever it takes to make this happen for the animals that come into our care.

Dogs Available

When we have dogs ready for adoption they will be posted here.

Cats Available

When we have cats ready for adoption they will be posted here.

Why we do what we do...
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