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Moon was surrendered to the pound due to reasons out of his control. He proved to be a very affectionate Siberian Husky with lots to say. He soon showed us how good his is with other dogs as he always wants to play. He is one of a kind and we are very happy we were able to save his life. He deserved a second chance!

Updates from his new home

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!!! Life got so much easier with the new harness. Walks have become bliss. Moon is eating better and so far so good. My eternal gratitude to you Jenaya for spending the time with me during Moon's harness orientation. That is about all for now.

Thought you would like the weekly report on our beautiful Moon. Things are going wonderfully. He is a dream to walk now and the howling has subsided but not completely eradicated. My neighbor over the back fence mentioned he howled a bit. One of her kids thought it was a ghost! LOL ... I mentioned that he has not been with us long and he is still settling in and to try and think of his howling as "singing to himself". She is cool with that approach. She is a good neighbor.

We left Moon inside for a couple of hours when we went out. We have done this a couple of times now and all is well upon our return. I think it is safe to say he is good indoors alone for that period of time. He enjoys being outdoors during the day more now. We had an incident with a prowler last Friday (my son was home but there were two cars missing from the drive) even though my sons car was there they still tried to get in. My husband was home working quietly and observed that Moon had gone bolt stock still and looked at the front door and growled really lowwwwwwww..... Might be safe to say that Moon is a bit of a "protector" and sensed impending danger. The person was actually tampering with the front door lock. They soon left. The police have been alerted. That is the latest on the 'lunar' (Moon) front.

animal adoption melbourne
Cassie was a timid girl when we found her in the pound. She was dumped in the pound by her "owners" after she got scared during a thunderstorm and escaped. She apparently did this twice in her 11 years of life and they found her too hard!?! She came into care and proved to be a happy affectionate girl who was petrified of thunderstorms. Her new family new this and love her even more for it. Those are the kind of people who deserve to have a dog in their lives!

Update from her very happy new family

Cassie is doing wonderfully! She's taken to the house and all three us so quickly. A big smile and wag of the tail on the walks we've taken her so far. It was funny .we hadn't heard a peep out of her, until .she sighted the chairlift that was operating for sightseeing, with people sitting on it. We were about 200 metres away when she couldn't take her eyes off it ..then for a minute or so barked and barked and barked. Then figured it out it was harmless. Bit of a gravely old bark she has. Otherwise, quiet as a mouse around the house, but full of energy, like a puppy. I gave her a quick bath, and when she came out of the bathroom, charged down the hallway like a puppy, and rolled and rolled around on her back. She is a bit clumsy on the staircases and wooden floors, when she gets running quickly. Loves hanging out in Gracie's bedroom, and on our beds too! As I sit here, she is on our daybed in the computer room, checking out everything out the window. She's even met a few other dogs on the mountain and has had impeccable manners around them. Even got a compliment on how beautiful and well looked after she was wish I could take credit for that.

So, it is us that should thank you two for entrusting us in taking good care of Cassie. She is beautiful and we will love having her as a part of our family.

animal adoption melbourne
Poppy was born in care and was the more timid of her three sisters. But soon developed into an affectionate playful girl.

Update from her new home

Poppy is doing so well. She even sleeps with us now; she is really a part of the family. She loves our new house especially the stairs; she is such a special blessing to us. It took a lot of patience and love but it was defiantly worth it, she is so beautiful and we can't imagine life without her.

Thank you so much for giving us this special gift in our lives we are truly grateful.

cat adoption melbourne
Austin came into care a little unsure of the world. All he wanted to do was hide. He soon found his feet and became a friendly little fellow.
Update from his new proud parents...

Austin is great - He's being having a blast in the dog park across the road from us and on the beach.

His interactions with other dogs have really improved recently which is great and he's been staying with my aunt occasionally with her two dogs.

Many thanks for finding us such a super little dog, he's really part of the family.

dog adoption
Jazzi and Lola (originally Janey) came into care without a 'care in the world'. They were from day one the most affectionate girls. Jazzi used to scream for pats and cuddles. So very gorgeous.

Update from their happy family..

Jazz & Lola are going really, really well. Incredibly spoilt and loved. They are the most affectionate and relaxed cats I have ever come across. They both love to snuggle up on the kids beds at night and relax on top of the couch in the window throughout the day. They are still completely inside because we haven't started building the cat run yet, but hope to have that done in the next few months. They even like to socialise and tease our dog Brock when he comes inside!

cat adoption melbourne
Arthur arrived in care with his two brother Andre and Alexander. They were originally all very timid but still wanted cuddles. It didn't take long to see their true natures - maybe 4 hours!! They are the funniest, affectionate and energetic boys. But after some very good training by their foster carer Maree, who put her hand up to take all three boys, turned them into three well behaved loveable boys.

Update from Arthur's new family

Arthur is such a good boy, he only took a few days to settle in and is now a complete part of our little family. He loves his walks, but enjoys running along next to my partner when he's on the bike. He's also doing really well with recall and being off the leash and we're working on his fear of the beach!

And he is the biggest cuddler! He's very good with going to his bed at night, but when we wake up in the morning there are his big brown eyes and happy face staring at us from the comfy spot at the bottom of the bed. He seems to have sussed out the perfect time to sneak up on the bed and not get caught :-)

animal adoption melbourne
Pete was ball of energy when he arrived. Very anxious and unsure but soon found his feet and became such a happy affectionate boy with special talents!

Update from his new Dads

Well it's been about 2 weeks since Pete arrived and I must say he made himself quite at home from the get go and we have become very attached to him now and vice versa I can't make a move without him right behind me!

Austin had his nose out of joint for the first week, he wasn't himself but now they have become friends and play all the time, they play fight, chase each other around the place and they love Tug o war usually with a sock one of them has pinched!

Everyone who meets Pete just loves him and we're getting used to some of his idiosyncrasies (He has one loud bark) , he's just a big baby! And I can't believe such a great dog was going to be put down, but he now has a permanent home, we couldn't imagine giving him up now!


It's been about 6 months now since the little guy came into our lives and he is firmly entrenched in the family now, still can't make a move without him I have a permanent shadow, right now he's sitting under my feet pooped out after their evening walk. He still of course has his OCD can't vacuum, sweep, mop or use the dust buster or anything that makes a noise with him in the same room, goes bananas over his lead shakes it and carries on till were out the door then he's fine til we get back LOL. But that's Ok, we know he can't help it and it's not his fault, still can't believe he was going to be put down.

Austin and him are good mates , Petey occasionally lets Austin know who's top dog, usually that's when there's food involved or a prime spot on the bed! But they are great mates now. So all in all Pete's doing great we absolutely love him to bits and he's an awesome watch dog too! So glad we found your organization, you do an amazing job.

Here's a couple of pics, one when took a trip to the country with a couple of back seat drivers and one of Petey doing his Super-dog impersonation! (every time he goes outside he has to have a go at that tree!)

dog adoption

dog adoption
Rufus was a tiny little white ball of mess when he arrived. After a little groom and some good food we soon learnt that he was really a King! He knew how to strut his stuff. Very affectionate and cuddly boy.

Once he found his new he wrote to us himself...

I'm having a really tough time here! Heather's OK but when Mr Heather came home he put roast lamb in my food bowl - he's ace! I slept all night in my new bed and today I've been for a walk and met the grandchildren who are nearly as cute as me!

So, I'm really good - see ya!
Love Rufus

PS You forgot to tell them I snore, but they do too so it's OK!

dog adoption
Stevie arrived in care a very happy little guy. A little unsure but fine once in a loving environment. He loved playing with his carers dogs and then getting a good cuddle and watching telly.

Update from family...

Stevie has been with us for about 5 months now and is quite a different dog now than what he was when he first arrived. His confidence is growing daily, he actively seeks out play now and Chloe and him play off and on all day. They are still the best of friends and we often find them curled up in the same bed together after a big play session.

He has also found his voice, and has become a very diligent guard dog, and loves to spend time staring out the windows and keeping watch, so between the two of them we have a very well guarded property!

Stevie is doing very well with all of his basic training and can now sit, lie down and dance (I know, not essential - but super cute!) on command. He still does get very distracted when he is out and about, but is getting better at recall when he is distracted and now sits before he has to cross roads. Yay! Persistence does pay off in the end.

Over the last few months Stevie has been able to put on the bit of weight that he needed and is now looking very healthy. He has relaxed heaps and has become a much softer cuddlier boy (even his coat has softened up!). He is overall doing very, very well and is a very much loved part of our family.

dog adoption
Sassy arrived a with excitement and happieness. She was left in the pound but didn't seemed phased by anything. She was a very loving and friendly girl who just wanted to run and play.

Her new Mum sent us this...

Sasseee is well and thriving. She has grown up a lot over the last 18 months and has turned into an exceptionally loyal and loving girl. She still likes to play boisterously when we meet up with other dogs but we generally reserve that for the company of bigger dogs in the park. She has had 3 visits to doggy day care centre and she loves it. Her report cards are always very positive.

dog adoption
Mimeon was a small shaky little guy when we first met him. He was unsure and scared. Once we got him out of the pound and to his foster home he was a different confidence perky little boy who loved everyone.

Update from his very besotted new Mum...

Minnie is his usual very happy little self & yes very spoilt as we think he deserves to be too. Have no problem with you using us on your website anything to show how worthwhile it is adopting a dog or cat from very unhappy circumstances' not of their making. Every day I give thanks for our little Minnie & every day I cuddle him & think of how it could have been for him if you hadn't found him & rescued him for us. In fact I don't mind saying I have rescued many animals & had many dogs over the years but honestly this little bundle of joy is by far the best little dog I have ever been lucky enough to find, we love each other so very much we hate to be apart from each other for more than a few hours & he is making me fitter by insisting on walks every day I love him more than words can say so a HUGE thank you from me & a very sloppy lick from Minnie.

dog adoption
Piper arrived in care a well balanced happy girl. Just unfortunate that someone decided she wasn't worth loving anymore.

Update from new parents...

Piper is going really well. I think it took about 12 months for her to truly settle in and realise that this is where she is living for the rest of her life. Her and Larry are best buddies and seem to do everything together.

I'm currently taking Piper out on small runs with me with the idea of training her up to run 10km with me....but slowly, slowly. She needs to develop some stamina.We can't imagine Piper not being around. She's such a fun and loving dog.

dog adoption

James came from a neglectful background. He was underweight and had liver damage - his past "owner" liked to drink a lot and the vets said it was a high possibility that James must have had "access" to alcohol for that kind of damage to his liver. We were told to just go the yard and get him. He was a very scared and timid boy. After 20 minutes of James growling and hiding, we managed to coax him out with food treats - he was extremely hungry! I thought it was going to take a few goes to get the lead on him but once he was less then a metre away I reached out with a treat and a lead and he came and rolled into my lap all the time taking the treats - he didn't even realize I'd attached a lead. He just wanted treats then lots of cuddles. He proved to be a loving, though little anxious, boy. After he build up his confidence in care he became a very loyal, loving and devoted dog.

Update from his new Mums .

Just wanted to send you some photos of our Beautiful boy James, he has settled in so wonderfully & completed our family! Just as you said it would, we have harmony between our 2 boys. Thanks so much for everything!

dog adoption