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Sam's school visit


A few weeks ago we were contacted by the year 6 students at St Peter Julian Eymard Catholic School. They had read about Sam's story in the paper and had decided to dedicate their project on 'Abundance and Scarcity' to him. They let us know that they had raised over $60 and wanted to donate it to help Sam have his operation. They also invited Sam to the presentation of their project in front of the rest of their Grade - approximately 30 children.

Sam was very excited though he didn't really show it. The children were even more excited and lucky for Sam his hearing isn't that good because there was a lot of excited voices welcoming him to their school.

Eden, Erin, Georgia, Nick, Tessa, Isabella and Emily all took turns presenting their part of the project. It was very well delivered and thought out. Sam was impressed. They even gave him a "little" card. It was lovely. As we left all the children formed a walk way down the middle of the room as Sam paraded out with his head held high - I think he felt like a rock star. He got lots and lots of cuddles that day!

Thank you all for your compassion and hard work you put into helping Sam. We are extremely appreciative.