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Halfway Home Animal Rescue Inc. is a registered charitable organisation and an all-breed dog and cat rescue which is staffed by volunteers and entirely funded by public donations that go straight into helping animals in our care. We rely upon a network of volunteer foster homes that care for the rescue animals while a forever home is being found. All animals that we take in are vaccinated, desexed, micro-chipped, heart worm tested and groomed before being rehomed.

All breeds of dogs and cats deserve loving and caring homes and any medical care necessary to ensure the best possible quality of life, regardless of their age or condition. Through our endeavours we shall seek to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, as well as the cruelty to animals that exists in our country, and how they can help to end it. We take in the really desperate dogs and cats in need of our help - we cover all veterinary treatment for them when necessary, rehome them in suitable, loving homes and monitor their progress in their new homes, until we are satisfied that all is well and both animal and owner are happy.

We believe that the current legal system lets down these orphaned animals with the easiest solution in the big shelters being to kill them. Our position is that this mass killing is totally unacceptable and the government and larger institutions should be proactive in looking after these vulnerable animals. To avoid animals getting to a pound or shelter, Halfway Home is a strong advocate for responsible companion animal ownership. This means attending to training, enrichment, desexing to avoid unnecessary litters, social, dietary and health needs.

Our aim is to continue to keep in touch with all our owners throughout the lifetime of the animal they adopt, to help and advise the owners if problems arise and to take back into our care any of the dogs or cats we place, should this become necessary at any time. Whatever the reason that leads to an animal coming to us, we try to establish a successful outcome for both the animal and its new owners. All dogs and cats are assessed by an experienced behaviourist before being placed in a new home.

We strive to help every dog that has been dumped, every little kitten that has been abandoned, those wandering the streets starving, those starving for attention, every big dog that has a bad rep, for every abused or neglected cat, for every dog and cat with no family so that they don't become a statistic as have so many animals that were not rescued in their darkest hours.

If you think you could offer one of our orphans a good temporary or permanent home, please contact us. If you are unable to but would still like to help, you could send a donation or assist with other fundraising activities.

Please help us help them.

Statement of Purposes

(1) To provide for animals that are sick, unwanted, stray, have been mistreated or at risk of facing euthanasia, any or all of the following:
(a) appropriate short-term care
(b) rehabilitation treatment
(c) long-term solutions including re-homing
(2) To promote no-kill solutions to animal management practices
(3) To discourage cruelty to animals


  • We believe that not all animals are perfect (including human ones), but all animals have great potential
  • We believe that all animals are worth rescuing
  • We believe that pets should be spayed and neutered
  • We believe that obedience training is an essential part of having a dog

We believe in the value of volunteers across all areas of our work and that there are those with the financial resources to help us achieve our goals - and with teamwork, a committed group of people can achieve great things

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